Destination Singapore: Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu is Singapore’s most popular dive site, almost every day you’ll see dive charter operators along the Northeastern and Western reefs, for boaters the islands are not as popular due to strong currents and undesirable terrain to anchor. Pulau Hantu is nestled in amongst oil refineries and spoil grounds but is an absolute diamond in the rough if you are looking to get away from crowds and really feel like you are on a tropical island all to yourself.

General Information on Pulau Hantu

According to an ancient legend, the two small islets that makeup Palau Hantu (also known as Ghost Island) were formed when two Malay warriors both collapsed into the sea and died after a fierce duel. Despite its foreboding name, Pulau Hantu has become a favorite spot for scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts – and anglers – due to its sheltered beaches and clear, turquoise waters. For those looking for a unique outdoor experience, the island also offers a variety of wildlife and undeveloped nature spots.


Famed for its inviting, clear waters, both scuba-divers and snorkelers will be treated to a variety of sea corals, sea life (including moray eels and clownfishes), and, if you are lucky enough, even a few resident turtles.

For campers who like to rough it up, Palau Hantu is as wild as Singapore gets and, as night falls, chances are that you’ll have all of the 13-acre islands to yourselves! A camping permit will need to be obtained at seven working days in advance of your arrival.

The strong current flow and shallow coral reefs make Pulau Hantu a popular spot for fishing. As well as a unique species of angelfish, anglers can also try to catch (and release!) the elusive Barracuda that occasionally frequents these waters.

For shallow draft crafts, you can enter the water at the highest tide

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