Hong Seh Marine announces new dealership with Sunreef Yachts

Aug 12, 2022

Hong Seh Marine is pleased to announce that we are the new Singapore dealer of Sunreef Yachts, the Polish luxury catamaran builder, effective immediately. The dealership agreement includes Sunreef yachts’ full range of sailing and power multihulls and a new eco range of solar-powered luxury catamarans for the Singapore region. This strategic move is in line with the company’s vision toward luxury and sustainable boating.

Established in 2002, Sunreef Yachts provides over 20 years of experience constructing high-end custom catamarans. Their latest focus on solar energy and sustainable technologies uniquely positions them to offer the best solutions for the more sustainable craft, paving the way to the future of boating.

“Our newly formed partnership with Sunreef Yachts is an exciting opportunity and enables us to expand our product line. We are confident in Sunreef eco-friendly technologies and impeccable quality that promises to deliver luxury and comfort along with its recent range in providing sustainability. “ – said Edward Tan, executive director of Hong Seh Marine.  “At Hong Seh Marine, we are continuously evolving to give our clients the best boating experience. Expanding the product portfolio was therefore a strategic initiative.” added Della Pearce, director of Hong Seh Marine.

“We are pleased to initiate this partnership with Hong Seh Marine. We know that we can count on them as a reliable partner in Singapore. This collaboration leads us to a closer bond with our local customer base, showing more and more interest in our Eco range of sustainable catamarans.” said Francis Lapp, founder, and president of Sunreef Yachts. 


鸿生游艇(Hong Seh Marine) 正式宣布成为波兰豪华双体船建造商 Sunreef Yachts 的新加坡经销商,即日起立即生效。经销协议包括于新加坡销售 Sunreef Yachts 旗下全部系列帆船,动力艇以及环保系列的電動豪华双体船。这一战略符合本公司对奢华和可持续游艇的愿景。

Sunreef Yachts 成立于 2002 年,拥有 20 多年建造高端及客制双体游艇的经验。他们致力于开发太阳能发电系统和可持续技术, 使他们为业界提供最创新的永续性方案,树立了未来游艇的楷模。

鸿生游艇执行董事Edward Tan 表示: “我们与 Sunreef Yachts 新建立的合作关系是一个令人兴奋的机会,这使我们能够扩展我们的产品线。我们对 Sunreef 的绿色技术和无可挑剔的品质充满信心,这个品牌把超级游艇的舒适性以及尖端的可持续性技术结合.” 鸿生游艇董事Della Pearce 也表示:“在鸿生游艇,我们不断的在追求进步,以为顾客带来一个完美的航行体验。所以扩展产品线是我们策略性的一步。”

Sunreef Yachts 创始人兼总裁 Francis Lapp 也表示:“我们很高兴与鸿生游艇建立这种伙伴关系。我们将他们视为新加坡可靠的经销伙伴,这种合作使我们与当地客户群建立更紧密的联系,进而对我们的环保系列双体船产生越来越多的兴趣。”




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