The profile may be daringly unusual, but the perfect lines strike a commanding pose as the boat cuts through the sea. Clean, harmonious, captivating: no one word can fully capture the design of this boat.

Give it a destination and this elegant craft will take you to it in style. The more time you spend time on the 60HT, the longer you want to stay.

Word’s can’t describe the qualities of this craft. Well, there are two: sea spyder. If you prefer the understated, this is not the boat for you. But you may change your mind.

With its sleek lines and high-tech hydrodynamic hull, this yacht doesn’t just chart routes, it sculpts them.

You are chosing a yacht at the top of the Cranchi range. Elegant design, hi-tech fittings, perfect finishes. All made with state-of-the-art materials and processes.

Step onboard for some superlative sailing, surrounded by every comfort. An instrument panel of the kind you would expect on a custom-build model, with added advantage of a 360° view.